Discovering Your Lockdown Fashion

Discovering Your Lockdown Fashion
Staying at home has given us time to learn much about ourselves. Hidden talents or
interests that may have been swamped by normal daily routines are now a prominent part of our
day. If discovering your personal style is one of your goals, here are some steps to help you.

Have Fun Researching

You don’t have to do anything drastic just yet. Though we no longer cut pictures from
fashion magazines (but no one’s stopping you from doing so), you can start building your
inspiration board in Pinterest or creating a folder of screenshots outfits inspirations on your
phone. It does not have to be a perfect collection. Save the picture until you have tried it! If you
realize you don’t like it would be easy to delete them later anyway.

Prepare Ahead of Time

When we had to spend so much time on the road on our way to the office, we were
encouraged to prepare our outfit the night before to save time. Now, if you are working from
home, it is still encouraged to do so to avoid the temptation of working in your comfy pajamas.
Earlier we mentioned how important it is to challenge ourselves. Planning the outfit ahead of
time encourages you to challenge yourself to try an outfit out of your usual style. You can set
your mind to wearing the outfit the entire day and only decide after several hours whether or not
it works for you.

Slowly Incorporate

Perhaps you want to try out a specific color, a new print, or a different cut, you can
slowly incorporate these elements into your wardrobe while wearing the pieces that you already
like. For example, have you always wanted to try wearing skirts but you’ve gotten so used to t-
shirts and jeans? You can simply wear your t-shirt with a skirt and the combination might just
inspire you. You could also wear pants that have the shape of a skirt like a pair of square pants
that fall just above your ankle or shin and slowly work your way into wearing a skirt.
You might have shied away from colors before. You don’t have to start wearing colors
from head to toe but you can slowly put in colors that fit in your current wardrobe’s color palette.
Perhaps you can start with your accessories
your bags or purses.
like these
from Stylesource help you get used to seeing those bold prints and colors with your outfit.

Don’t Forget Hair and Makeup

Perhaps for years, you may have been enjoying makeup tutorials on YouTube but have
never tried to put on a full face of makeup. Now is the best time to develop that skill. Figuring
out your eyebrow shape, learning how to blend and contour or drawing that sharp winged
eyeliner requires some time to master, but we all have to start somewhere right? That’s the
same for hairstyling; such as the different types of braids or that effortless chignon. Now’s the
perfect time to experiment, make mistakes, and perfect these skills.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

If we find that it is absolutely necessary to purchase a fashion item, online stores have
made shopping so easy for us. We can choose to make sensible purchases by making sure that
what we buy can be used for different styles or has multiple functions. We should consider the
cost per wear of an item. The numerous options that we have given us the freedom to become
smarter shoppers. Our fashion choices now do not need to be expensive and inexpensive
doesn’t need to look cheap. We gain this skill as we continue to play with fashion. We still have
to be very smart about our money as we pursue our creative expression through fashion.