Fashion in the Time of COVID-19

Fashion in the Time of COVID-19
We've never spent more time at home than we do now. With only
essential services available, DIY projects have become king, be it making
your own sourdough or a linen button up. We're tidying up more, examining
our closets closely, and throwing out anything that doesn't spark that feeling
that may have evaded us these past months in lockdown.
Times are a-changing indeed as this pandemic continues progressing
fashion and style along with it. With the restrictions on social
gatherings, complicated OOTD's have dwindled. Meanwhile, the already
conservative office wear has become even more utilitarian. Neat, affordable,
comfortable, easily washed, and disinfected has become the vogue.
Should we now expect the drab and institutional white and grey
replace colorful self-expression?

Fashion and the Human Spirit

Though fashion indeed reflects the time and age, self-expression has
never been snuffed out by tragic world events. Instead of mirroring these
dark times, fashion was more a reflection of the inextinguishable human
For example, one might expect fashion in the aftermath of the First
World War to be extremely pragmatic and practical. Yet, the post-WWI world
saw the birth of clothing styles that would become classics down to our day,
especially in women's fashion. You've got the trench coat, sportswear, Coco
Chanel, and Maybelline.
Although the Spanish Flu brought the world to its knees in 1918, it was
followed by the birth of a new fashion culture that led to the roaring '20s and
the Jazz era. World War II also failed to obliterate our collective sense of style.
In fact, we've already seen a resurgence of post-WWII fashion in leisurewear, bolder female silhouettes, the pompadour, the double-breasted suit, and so
There's always that deep valley during and immediately after our
darkest times. However, as history has shown us, fashion and style - as does
mankind- always manages to bounce back stronger and more vibrant.

Pandemic Fashion and You

By no means are we suggesting that you dust off that double-breasted
jacket or radiant yellow sundress for your next grocery run. Keep things
simple, at least for now. Still, don't let that diminish self-expression.
Wear a simple white button-up with comfortable bottoms and
comfortable shoes. Carry a minimalist wallet with a smooth brown
Keep it in a practical sling bag in easily-washed canvas.
Better yet, bring a lightweight pouch in bright tropical colors.
Always wear a mask.
But, you're not just aiming to survive this pandemic. You want to thrive
as well, with the knowledge that the future will always be colorful.
Try to learn a skill, or two. Who knows, maybe you'll be starting your
own fashion line in the COVID-19 aftermath, a la Christian Dior post World
War II.
Athleisure was the
dernier cri
before the pandemic. Although everyone
is dressed more simply and more laid back now, you can be sure that we'll be
leaving this pandemic dressed with brighter prospects than how we came in.