Make Your Accessories Outlive the Pandemic

Make Your Accessories Outlive the Pandemic
It's no understatement that the current pandemic has completely
upended every part of our lives. While we're preoccupied trying to make
sense of this "new normal", we might end up neglecting our favorite
Our footwear or wristwatches, which may have been a part of a
regular rotation pre-pandemic, could see long stretches of time unused and
ignored. Jewelry, owing to their small size, might also go for long periods
unmaintained. It's to be expected, of course. Everything you put on now
needs to be thoroughly disinfected.
As this health crisis goes on, how do we keep things simple while also
caring for these investment pieces? Let's see why it's crucial to give these
accessories the extra TLC and several helpful tips on the how.


What do watches have in common with both shoes and jewelry?
Leather and metals. Both of these materials require regular maintenance and
proper storage. Otherwise, they will end up prematurely deteriorating and
become the latest example for that age-old "
you lose what you don't use"
The primary culprits here are moisture, dust, and extreme
temperatures. When stored improperly, sneakers, for instance, may start dry
rotting, yellowing, and glue deteriorating. Leather shoes and watch straps
are also prone to dry rot, as well as cracks and molds. Meanwhile,
wristwatches and jewelry can get scratched or tarnished.
Don't worry. With a little time and care, you can make your favorite
accessories outlive this pandemic


Let's start with your shoes. If you're like me, you've probably avoided
wearing your favorite leather shoes. Unlike machine-washable sneakers, a
leather shoe won't fare well in either the wash or regular exposure to alcohol-
based disinfectants. However, you wouldn't want to keep them for long
periods in a shoebox either! The inside of a shoebox can be pretty humid,
allowing no room for ventilation. They're also the perfect place for microbial
growth. Instead, opt for a shoe bag.
This canvas shoe bag
for example, is washable while still
letting air circulate. It also makes moving and transporting your shoes much
easier than a regular bulky shoe box.
Here's one
with a little more storage for your shoe polish and care
For footwear that you might use more regularly, get a shoe bag with a
clear window (
) so you can easily pick the shoe you'll be
wearing that day.
Here's an extra tip: remember all those packets of silica gel that come with
your shoes or bags? Don't throw them out! Place them anywhere you want


With wristwatches, you'll need to care for three things: the dial, the
strap, and its power source. Dials can get scratched. Steel or metal straps
can tarnish or corrode. Leather watches can crack or grow mold. Also,
batteries can leak while mechanical watches can lose lubrication.
Prolong your wristwatches' by keeping them in snug, safe, and dry
place. Remove batteries for long-term storage. If you've got more than a
couple of watches, a watch box will be a good investment. No, this isn't just
an empty biscuit box.
Watch boxes come in a variety of styles and finishes and can hold
anywhere from 3 to 10 watches. If you want to keep it simple and elegant,
you'll like this black leather watch box with space for 4 watches and a lock.
If you want to complement your leather watch straps, consider this
coffee-colored watch box with a distressed leather finish.
Feeling a little adventurous but still minimalist? This matte wood number in
tan might just be up your alley. It has room for eight.


Like watches, your jewelry can deteriorate when left out or forgotten in
a humid drawer. Keep them shiny and sparkling with a protective yet fit-for-
décor jewelry box. Pair that distressed leather watch box with this jewelry
box in a similar finish. 
Otherwise, keep it simple but eye-catching with a pebbled leather exterior in
an olive finish. 
With a little prep, effort, and the right storage techniques, you'll keep
your accessories looking their best and ready for post-pandemic use. Who
says we can't come out of this as stylish and fashionable as when we came