Your Five Pandemic Travel Essentials

Your Five Pandemic Travel Essentials
It's been dubbed the "New Normal" - and repeated ad nauseam. As the world
continues to search for a vaccine, it seems we've little choice but to keep
each aspect of our outside activities to the bare minimum. Every moment
outdoors must be carefully planned, becoming a thorough exercise in safety
and erring on the side of caution.
Yes, it may still take a while for errands or the simple act of stepping out to
once again have a semblance of spontaneity or fun. If we're to make it out of
this with both our health and most of our sanity, keep these five travel
essentials on you whenever you need to face the outside world. Think,
"fewer things, fewer surfaces to sanitize."

1. PPE

Your PPE, or personal protective equipment, is the most important part of
your travel kit. A basic PPE kit includes a mask, face shield, gloves, a
waterproof bodysuit, and hand hygiene. If you need to go to the hospital for
a non-COVID related reason, it would be best to equip yourself with at least
these 5 items. However, when out on a grocery supply, a mask, face shield,
and hand hygiene should suffice.
Carrying the proper equipment is, of course, only half of the battle. You'll still
need to keep a safe distance from others, wash hands regularly, and keep
those hands away from your face at all times.

2. Travel Documents

Depending on where you live and the magnitude of the quarantine
restrictions, you may need to carry the appropriate documents for your trip.
These items may include a simple travel pass, or more if you'll be visiting
and delivering essential items to other cities.

3. Wallet

A wallet seems like a no-brainer but think about it: do you carry a cherished
bifold or high-end leather money holder? Since it'll be exposed to both your
hands and money, will you be comfortable regularly soaking it with alcohol-
based sanitizers? If you answered, "No", then consider getting a pandemic
However, your pandemic wallet shouldn't be expendable. Find one that is
easy to clean yet still stylish, like this dark brown Bifold with a smooth
leatherette finish. (
If you're more of a checkbook wallet person, consider this brown long Bifold
) in classic distressed leatherette.

4. Bag

If you can do with a pocketable tote instead of a bag, then good on you.
However, if you must carry a bag, then consider getting a lightweight sling or
body bag. A sling bag keeps your things handy - especially when you need a
quick spray of sanitizer - as opposed to a cumbersome backpack. Ideally, it
should be washable, like this black canvas sling bag
If you something more compact, try this upright sling in brown canvas.


5. Water

Yes, the last thing on our list is good ol' H20.


is a crucial part of maintaining an immune system. However, we

might get so caught up in rushing from one place to another and get home

quickly that we neglect to drink enough water! Never forget why we have

this checklist: prevention is always better, especially when the cure is still

out of sight.