Fashion: Your New Lockdown Hobby

Fashion: Your New Lockdown Hobby
As we slowly overcome this strange year, we find ourselves with several coping
activities. The time to ourselves has allowed for different hobbies from the most sophisticatedly
creative to the slightly peculiar obsessions. Don’t worry, no one’s judging! Collecting several
skills under our belts certainly doesn’t mean we are indifferent about world events. These
activities are healthy. They uplift us and keep us hopeful.
Besides pursuing new things, we can also look into improving what feels second nature
to us like dressing up and accessorizing. We might already have resigned ourselves to a
specific style but we can use this time to rediscover fashion, renew interest, and challenge our

Why Do It?

New Limitations to Play Around With

Masks are now our most important accessory when we go out. Cloth face coverings are
necessary for preventing the spread of the virus. As for other pieces of clothing, there are no
hard and fast rules as long as we are conscious of how we remove our clothing once we get
home. We also have to promptly launder and clean everything worn outside as soon as
These rules may restrain our clothing choices to the very basic. It actually limits the
accessories we can wear to almost zero but these slight modifications to our routines stretch our
creativity when it comes to expressing ourselves through clothes. At the same time, we become
more conscious of other people and our own health.
Though we have to deal with new limitations outside, we now have so much freedom at
home. We may have had a fashion formula to avoid the hassle of choosing clothes in the
morning or to avoid a style blunder at the office. But now that there’s no one to judge, we can
allow ourselves to play dress up for our big comeback once we can safely go back to the office.

It’s a Hack for Productivity

There is no question that the clothes we wear influence how others view us and the
same is true for ourselves. What we put on influences how we feel about ourselves. However,
during these times when our interactions are limited to the people with whom we are
comfortable or not surrounded by people at all, we might find ourselves endlessly lounging inthat 10-year-old oversized t-shirt. Comfortable clothes are selected because they are effortless
but effortless can easily put our moods off or our productivity in a slump.
The quickest pick-me-up is dressing up! Wearing your favorite dress pants or that cute
skirt will definitely trigger positive feelings. It’s not being petty, it is a simple hack to boost one’s
mood and performance. It’s a sure way to device ourselves into productivity as we find our way
into a proper work from home routine.

It Pushes Your Fashion Boundaries

Fashion is a good challenge to have whether you are rediscovering or redefining your
style. Clothes and accessories are somewhat low-risk investments that allow for huge room for
mistakes, especially now that we’re just at home.
Have you always wanted to try a mixed print outfit or any trend that seems to look pretty
in pictures but takes a lot of getting used to seeing in the mirror? Feeling a little awkward might
be the case for most styles we want to try. We just have to get used to seeing ourselves wearing
it. You can try subtly adding prints to your wardrobe through scars like this colorful, floral
Angeles Scarf
from Stylesource.
Of course, not every style will fit us. A rewarding way to use your time now is to
experiment. find new styles that will flatter our assets as we push our personal style boundaries.

It’s Readily Available

Starting a new hobby can be expensive. No matter how small the first project is, it’s likely
that you would have to shell out some cash at the beginning. That is not the case when trying
out trends or discovering styles, especially now that we find old-school fashion to be making a
comeback. We could just simply rummage through our (or mom’s) old clothes to be up to date
with the latest trends. Also, remember those pieces that we have only worn once or twice or
never? Now is the best time to face our fears and finally make them one of our staple pieces.
Pushing our style doesn’t require making big changes or huge purchases. It could simply
be wearing colors that you’re not used to or clothes pairing that you have never tried. The
investment is pretty low. It only asks for a few fun hours of going through online fashion sources,
your current clothes collection, perhaps a little help from online shops, and a lot of courage to try
something new.

It’s Time for Yourself

Most hobbies encourage self-improvement. We gain skills that give us a sense of
accomplishment and even give us options to change careers, set up a business, or start side
hustles. The time we give to dressing up also achieves the same enhancements as we gain a
better understanding of ourselves. How we work with ourselves reflects how we value
We have the opportunity to discover much about ourselves, perhaps for the first time
without thinking about the public’s opinion. We may determine physical features that we have
that can be enhanced by a specific style or a makeup look. We may realize that we could do
away with some steps in our makeup routine. All these we can achieve because now we have
the time to slow down and assess what works and what doesn’t.

The Other Side of the Pandemic

There are so many aspects of fashion that you have yet to discover. When the pandemic
is over, we would like to come out of it stronger. The limitations we face now has can make us
more creative. We grow from this experience by taking care of ourselves better and the hobbies
we pursue.